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The Tomlinson's Pet Supplies Story


Click menTomlinson’s was begun in 1946 by Mr. T. R. Tomlinson as a chick hatchery at our 49 1/2 Street location. As the area began to change and the pet industry began to grow in the Post World War II era, Mr. Tomlinson changed his market focus. The business developed into a full-line "feed store" offering livestock feed and supplies along with poultry. In the mid-1960's he began wholesaling birds to other pet stores across the country.

In 1971 Liniel Click bought the business. With the help of his two young sons, Marty and Scott, Liniel operated the neighborhood feed store providing everything from horse feed and live chickens to western boots and nursery plants. Again, as the Austin area and the pet business changed, Tomlinson’s changed with it. Livestock feed and poultry were gradually phased out and the business moved more heavily into the retail pet trade. The wholesale bird business was also expanded with regular buying routes across Texas and an increased customer base in all 50 states plus some foreign countries.

In 1986 Liniel's son, Scott, came back into the business full-time after graduating from college.  He continued to develop the business, which included expanding to new locations and evolving our product assortment from livestock and garden to domestic pet foods and supplies. Like his father, Scott is committed to maintaining a "family" of store managers and staff who are knowledgeable and experienced in many areas of pet nutrition and care. 

To date, we have seven Austin-area stores that carry on the tradition of quality products and personal service; however, due to the decline in domestic bird sales nationwide, the wholesale bird business begun by Mr. Tomlinson and continued by Liniel and then Scott was closed in 2010.  That same year, Liniel retired and moved to his ranch in west Texas with his wife, Nelda.  

In 2008, Scott's wife, Renae, took on the marketing duties of the business, and in 2012, their son, Brandon, joined to streamline and expand the business's grown operations and logistics.  The family remains dedicated to seeing that their stores provide personal attention and friendly service to their valued customers.

Scott & Renae with Mack