36 Pet-Friendly Spots Around Austin: A Dog's Guide to SXSW

36 Pet-Friendly Spots Around Austin: A Dog's Guide to SXSW

SXSW has gone to the dogs! Austin prides itself on being a city of both music and animal lovers. As countless festival-goers pour in the beloved city for SXSW, those two worlds are colliding. Whether you are looking to take a break from the SXSW madness with your BFF (best furry friend) or want to include them in the fun, below is a list of dog-friendly restaurant patios, coffee shops, parks and other venues to check out:

Cedar Park/ Round Rock

North Austin

East Austin


Central Austin

South Austin

  golden.zilker Nothing like a game of fetch at Zilker Park! Did we leave out your favorite spot? Tell us what we should add in the comments or on Facebook. This list is by no means exhaustive. Check out the Keep Austin Dog Friendly iPhone App for a whole map of Austin's pet-friendly places. It's always a good idea to call ahead and make sure four-legged patrons are welcome. Don’t forget to bring the essentials like food and water, bowls, doggy bags and leash. Also, please be considerate of your pup! We humans love to jam out into all hours of the night, but your pet might not be able to handle large crowds and loud music for such extended periods of time. Use your best judgement and read the cues your dog is sending to gauge their comfort or anxiety level.   Sources: She Knows, Global Animal, Bed and Biscuit Austin, Keep Austin Dog Friendly

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