Fourth of July Tips for Pet Parents

Fourth of July Tips for Pet Parents

Red, white, and BOOM! 💥July 4th is a day of celebration of our home, sweet home. For pets, it can be a terrifying day after dusk.  We've put together July 4th tips for pet parents. 

Walk it out

Dogs love the great outdoors, but maybe not when fireworks are lighting up the night sky. Before the fireworks begin, exercise your dog to tire them for the day. A good game of catch at the park will be sure to do the trick. Pup not one for catch? Drop by a local dog park to let your dog socialize with others.

ID, please

It’s important that your pet wears a collar with proper ID tag. In a worst-case scenario, this will help those identify your pet.

Also - it’s the perfect time to update any information registered to their microchip.

Help! I've found a pet with no collar...

Microchip scanners are a new addition to all Tomlinson's locations in hopes of reuniting lost pets with their humans, or reassuring responsible pet parents they are set-up correctly.

Stop by any Tomlinson's Feed to have us assist you with this free service.


Interactive toys offer hours of long-lasting, brain-stimulating entertainment for dogs and cats of any size. Depending on the toy, you can stuff in treats, frozen bone broth, or good ol’ fashion peanut butter (xylitol-free, of course) to keep your pet’s attention and incentivize him to keep playing.

Take a chill pill

Literally. We have a number of great supplements that will help keep your pet calm in stressful situations using hemp oil or blend of calming herbs. Plus, they also help with a number of issues including appetite and pain relief.

Click here to view our calming supplements.

Animal Planet and chill

Leave the TV or radio on. The noise will help distract your pup from outdoor noise. Plus, they too like to binge a good show.


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