Interactive Tips for Pets During Busy Schedule

As summer comes to an end (be gone heat!), many households are preparing for back to school. Unfortunately for your dogs and cats, the house becomes a little quiet and lonely. Fight the bark-to-school blues with our interactive tips to keep...

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Picking out the purrfect gift for your fur children can feel like a challenge when there are so. many. options. Plus, they may or may not be spoiled year-round… (guilty as charged). Here’s a few #TeamTomlinsons favorites to help narrow down...

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The Do's and Don'ts of Bones and Hard Chews

Bones and hard chews--like those in our Pet Deli--are fun, tasty, and great for mental stimulation and dental health. Here are our tips for keeping chew time safe and fun. Benefits On top of being a tasty treat for your...

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Feeding Raw, Part 2: Raw Pet Food Safety

Welcome back to our Feeding Raw series! This week, we take a look at raw food safety: Is feeding raw pet food dangerous? Yes and no. If stored or thawed improperly, raw food will fester with bacteria and become unsafe...

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Feeding Raw, Part 1: Why Raw Dog Food & Cat Food?

This fuzz ball is a raw convert! Photo: Bones & Co Many pet parents are divided on raw dog food and raw cat food diets: some wonder how feeding raw meat could possibly be sanitary, while others wonder how you could feed...

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