Pet Vaccines: Six Questions Answered

All good pet parents know that young puppies and kittens need the proper series of pet vaccines to start them off on a healthy path. But what about adult pets? What pet vaccines are legally required? Which are merely recommended, and...

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7 Facts to Know About the Dog Flu

You may have seen news of a canine influenza epidemic spreading across the country. But should you be worried about your pooch? Can your dog pass the flu virus to you? How can you protect your four-legged friend? This first...

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Hot Weather Help: Other Summer Pet Injuries

The Texas heat is here and with it the need to guard our pets against heat strokes, burning paw pads and dehydration. As you and your pet venture out for a hike in the greenbelt, jog to the dog park, or even...

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Playing Nice: 13 Tips on Dog Park Etiquette

Things are heating up here in Central Texas, and it’s time to hit the great outdoors! As you, your pup, and other Austin-Area pet lovers head to our many dog parks, a quick refresher on dog park etiquette ensures that all park goers have a...

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