Fleas Leave Us Alone

The April showers have passed (hopefully), and summer is in sight! We’re thriving… but so are fleas and ticks. Should they pounce onto your pet, these pesky insects can cause mild irritation, like constant scratching, or serious health issues, such...

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Pets + Pollen Allergies

Spring in Central Texas brings bluebonnets, beautiful weather… and pollen that coats everything in a lovely shade of yellow and gives us all the sniffles--often, including our pets. But, how do you know if your pet is suffering from a...

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A Comparison: Flea & Tick Medicines

Recent rains and mild temperatures mean one thing: BUGS, and lots of them. Specifically, fleas are out in full force. We've heard from many of you who are pulling your hair out over the persistence of these pests this year--the usual tricks are just not working....

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Welcome Home: 10 New Pet Essentials

So you’ve adopted a new pet... now what? Any pet parent will tell you that adding a four-legged friend to the family can be equal parts rewarding and eye-opening. To make the transition a little bit easier, here’s a checklist of 10 things to have when bringing home a new pet.
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Flea Facts and Tips for Natural Flea Treatment

The heat and humidity are ticking up here in Austin. While warm weather is great news if you plan to hit up one of the many pet-friendly spots in town, it also means the start of flea and tick season. Should they pounce onto your pet,...

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