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More About Cat Flea & Tick

Is your companion a cat with fleas? Run a flea comb through your pet’s fur to spot flea dirt.

Also known as Ctenocephalides felis, these tiny parasites can take two years to complete their life cycle, from being eggs to adult fleas. Your pets need your help! Getting flea bites is torture for your cats. Enough with the scratching! Your cat’s flea treatment needs to be effective and safe.

Get rid of fleas the safe way. Organic products like cedar, rosemary, and peppermint are now preferred for flea control.


It’s a popular fact that these blood suckers hate the smell of cedar. You can spray cedar on cat collars and the cat’s bed. You can also Google “how to prevent cat fleas near me.” Another way of looking for veterinarian tips is to search “how not to get bitten by fleas on cats near me.”


The rosemary herb is a natural insect repellent. With this herb’s pleasant smell and antibacterial properties, many owners are switching to organic sprays to control flea infestations and prevent skin diseases.


This spray does not only limit fleas on cats but also kills flea larvae. Spray this on your carpets and throughout your house. With these treatments, your furry friend will no longer get fleas.