Ruffwear Switchbak Granite Gray Multi-Function Dog Leash


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Ruffwear Switchbak Multi-Function Dog Leash are here for you in any situation. This versatile leash is double-ended and adjustable. Whether you need to be hands-free, walk two pups at once, or use a special harness with two points of connection, the Switchbak has you covered.

Each Ruffwear Switchbak Multi-Function Leash features:

Two lightweight, swiveling clips
Accessory loop for clipping dog bags or keys
Silicone dipped webbing for a smooth touch

Ruffwear began with a drive to explore the great outdoors, and founder Patrick Kruse rarely did that without his four-legged companions. Ruffwear's passion for for creating durable products that are suited for the elements is shown in every collar, leash, and adventure accessory they make. Ruffwear aims to practice sustainable sourcing, waste reduction, and environmental consciousness in every product they make.

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