P.L.A.Y. ZoomieRex IncrediBall Lime Dog Toy

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P.L.A.Y.’s ZoomieRex IncrediBall Dog Toy is a toy that can be enjoyed in many different ways. This ball has some bounce, adding an extra fun twist to a normal game of fetch. 

Like all P.L.A.Y. ZoomieRex toys, this product is:

100% made in the USA
Made of durable and buoyant rubber, making it floatable
Dishwasher safe

P.L.A.Y. is a company founded on the desire to produce dog products that are high quality, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing. Inspired by their pug Momo, they were on a mission to make pups happier and comfier. They also want to give back. For every dog bed purchased, P.L.A.Y. donates a bed to a shelter in need. P.L.A.Y. also uses eco friendly, recycled materials in the creation of their beds. 

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