A daily wellness pack for your pup.

Crafted exclusively for Tomlinson's, Dandy contains four daily supplements to boost your dog's whole body health—for as low as $1.79 per day.

What comes in the pack?

Happy Belly

Super Greens

Shine Boost

Immunity Blend

Dandy Dog Wellness Kit
Dandy Dog Wellness Kit
Dandy Dog Wellness Kit

Dandy Dog Wellness Kit


Why Dandy?

Dandy Wellness Pack is here to make life easier for you, so you can get back to doing the things you love with your dog.

Crafted exclusively for Tomlinson's, Dandy's Dog Wellness Kit contains four daily supplement treats that support a healthy gut, skin/coat, whole body, and immune system.

Each box contains 28 daily servings. Pop open a pack per day and serve up the following health-boosting treats.

Why Dandy?


I never thought giving my dog daily supplements could be this easy. Gibson thinks he is receiving four treats every day - does a happy dance when he sees the packet. Little does he know - they are supplements to keep him healthy and happy. Jokes on him!
- Kim K.

Heidi has been on a raw food diet for a couple of years now ever since her surgeries & removal of cancerous tumors. She hasn’t had a “dog treat” in years, and as her mama, I am so thrilled to have found a HEALTHY supplement and treat to give her that makes her happy.
- Gabby P.

About Dandy

Founded by a local dog mom

As an (obsessed) dog-mom - Danielle found herself constantly seeking information that made caring for her dogs easier, approachable, and supported their well-being, daily. So with a team of Vets and dog-lovers alike, they created Dandy.

About Dandy

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