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We've been proudly serving the Allandale community for over 8 years.

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Brian Carlson

"Love this place! The staff is extremely nice and helpful. Great selection of chewies and raw and frozen healthy dog foods. When our dog decided to be a picky eater for a few weeks they accepted all the food she wouldn’t eat as returns, even when opened. Pretty great!"

Erica Au

"Super friendly staff and they're always really friendly with my dog when I bring him in. They have a dog scale near the register which is great since I like to keep tabs on his weight without having to go into the vet's office each time."

Bob P.

"Our 4-legged kid's favorite store is Tomlinson's. They carry a great variety of treats, snacks, bones, chews, and other cool products just for canines and felines that the other big pet stores don't have... The people that work here seem to genuinely love animals and their job."


"This stores staff couldn't be more helpful without being pushy which these people were not. I've never had a better expirence anywhere. I highly recommend this store to everyone who has a pet."