Best Friends Shag Taupe Pet Blanket


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Dogs love to burrow, and aside from your lap, there's no better place to curl up than in a Best Friends Shag Donut Pet Blanket. 

Like curling up on a shaggy cloud, this luxury shag blanket is perfect for your four-legged pals. The lightweight all-over shag provides just the right amount of warmth.

The Best Friends Shag Pet Blanket is always:

Made with durable vegan polyester that lasts up to 3x longer than standard fluffy beds

Machine-washable as a whole! Machine wash, gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low heat.

Neutral colorways allow for this pet accessory to aesthetically blend with any home decor

Best Friends by Sheri is the maker behind the Original Calming Donut Cuddler pet bed. Best Friends's calming pet beds, blankets, and huts are designed to mimic the anxiety-easing security of a mother's fur coat. Uh, can we get one in our size?!

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