Canada Pooch Follow Me Tie Dye Dog Tee


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  • Canada Pooch Follow Me Tie Dye Dog Tee is perfect for staying cozy when the weather starts to cool off. This fashionable tee is made with 65% polyester and 35% cotton so your dog can wear it comfortably all day.

    Available in multiple sizes!

    Canada Pooch Highlights:

    Handy pocket for dog bags or treats
    Fun print that will have your dog looking like the coolest pup at the park
    Lightweight making it a great fit for Texas fall

    At Canada Pooch, they know dogs come in all shapes and sizes, that's why their apparel is made for any dog from Yorkies to Mastiffs. Combining passions for functionality and fashion, founder Jac is committed to creating quality products without compromising on fabulousness!

  • 8 Length 8", Up to 11"
    10 Length 10", Up to 15.5"
    12 Length 12", Up to 20"
    14 Length 14", Up to 21"
    16 Length 16", Up to 24"
    18 Length 18", Up to 25.5"
    20 Length 20", Up to 26.5"
    22 Length 22", Up to 28"
    24 Length 24", Up to 29"
    26 Length 26", Up to 30.5"
    28 Length 28", Up to 32.5"

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