Clever Cat Litter Box

  • Description
  • Clever Cat Litter Box is designed with entry through the top to ensure no mess. Over-the-edge messes of all kinds are contained, litter tracking is reduced, and all odors and litter dust is contained inside. 

    This top-entry litter box features:

    Proven quick adaptation for cats of all ages
    Tall and seamless sides to eliminate urine leakage 
    Built-in tracking mat
    Lid that hides contents from view

    Absolutely No Training Necessary! Insert optional Clevercat® jumbo liner if desired. Add 2" to 4" cat litter. For initial use, add a small amount of your cat's feces/urine. Use without the lid on the first day and begin to use a lid on the second day.
    Most Importantly: Cats are intelligent and curious by nature and will instinctively understand how to use Clevercat®. NEVER disturb your cat during its litterbox use!

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