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COSMO Sneaker Dog Toy, Assorted


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A shoe just for your dog! This COSMO Furbabies Sneaker dog toy is just what your dog has been hunting for. These "shoes" do it all--squeak, crinkle, and tug--so your dog can play on all day.

Size: 8.5"
Sqeaker to tickle that prey drive
Crinkle paper interior to keep things crackling
Durable cotton rope for a tug-of-war duet

NOTE: The COSMO Sneaker dog toy comes in blue, pink, and cow print; your local store will send whichever of these colors that they have in stock.

COSMO Furbabies is your pet's new stylist and interior designer, so your dog can eat like a king, sleep like a queen, and play like the royal bad boi (or girl) he is.

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