Hauspanther Catchall White Wall-Mounted Cat Furniture


Hauspanther Catchall White Wall-Mounted Cat Furniture is a multi-functional cat scratcher and perch with a toy below and storage inside for cat toys and other items. Combines climbing, scratching and play for your cat with convenient storage for you.

Hauspanther Furniture Highlights:

Felt pad on perching surface to prevent slipping
Inclined scratching surface
Dimensions: 15.5" x 9.5" x 8"

At Hauspanther they LOVE cats. And they mean REALLY love cats (they kind of worship them). They also love design, of all kinds – interior design, architecture, product design, graphic design, art, fashion—all of it. Hauspanther features the latest design finds, tailored specifically for those who share our love of cats.

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