Hauspanther Step Perch White Wall-Mounted Cat Furniture


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Hauspanther Step Perch White Wall-Mounted Cat Furniture provides cats with a special place to climb, scratch and play. A large surface for lounging with a smaller perch above gives cats multiple levels. The vertical sisal scratch pad and hanging plush toy add extra fun for your cat, all in a single, compact and attractive piece that mounts easily to the wall.

Hauspanther Furniture Highlights:

Felt pads on perching surface to prevent slipping
Large lower surface for lounging, small upper surface for perching
Dimensions: 23.5" x 10.5" x 16"

At Hauspanther, cats come first! They aim to enhance the lives of cats and the humans who worship them by creating products that cat’s love while not compromising on sleek design.

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