HuggleFleece Pouf Dog Bed


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  • HuggleFleece Pouf Dog Beds are made of dense, synthetic lambswool and features the same, great attributes of natural lambswool, keeping dogs comfortable while perfectly cushioning joints and regulating body temperature. Available in 5 sizes.

    Bed Highlights:

    Made with seams that are strong, hidden, and difficult to rip apart
    Washes easily and dries quickly
    Moisture wicking and stain resistant

    HuggleHounds was founded in 2009 by two lifelong members of the pet industry. Julie and Bob had a goal - to create unique, functional pet products that have creative designs with maximum durability. HuggleHounds puts the fun in functional!

  • Small 25" x 6"
    Medium 30" x 6"
    Large 36" x 6"

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