Made By Cleo Flower Corsage, Ivory

  • Description
  • Made by Cleo Flower Corsage, Ivory is a gorgeous detachable flower corsage that is easy to put on and remove. Great for special occasions, weddings, or just everyday cuteness! (this item does not include the collar)

    This product features:

    quality materials with an emphasis on balancing comfort & durability with a clean look (i.e. no loose threads or scratchy bits)
    2.5 inch diameter and one-size-fits-all flower for cats and small dogs
    Elastic loop + reinforced felt backing for easy wear

    Made By Cleo® is the ultimate destination for quality pet collars & accessories for cats, kittens & little dogs —that are not only fun & beautiful to look at (and feel good), but are also safe, practical and top-of-the-line quality. Ultimately, they aim to make products that are tangible, worthy representations of the love that our customers feel for their "fur children".

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