Major Darling Cedarwood Sage Odor Neutralizing Candle


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Major Darling Cedarwood Sage Odor Neutralizing Candle will be back the fresh scent you've been missing from your home! Find it at your local Tomlinson's or have it delivered to your door.

This candle has a naturally fresh scent that includes cedarwood, sage, cypress, and bay leaf.

Odor Neutralizing Candle Highlights:

Steam distilled pet-safe essential oils
Packed with stink-fighting essential oils
Handcrafted in Hutto, Texas

At Major Darling, their aim is to be the people their dog’s think they are. Their products are manufactured by a company working with local refugee women through fair wage employment, all dogs used in their advertising are adoptable, and a portion of their sales is donated to American Pets Alive!

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