Major Darling Lemon Verbena Odor Neutralizing Candle


Major Darling Lemon Verbena Odor Neutralizing Candle will be back the fresh scent you've been missing from your home!

Candle Highlights:

Steam distilled pet-safe essential oils
Packed with stink-fighting essential oils
Handcrafted in Hutto, Texas

Major Darling lives by the same ethos - they strive to be the people our dogs see us as. Everything we do, sell, promote, or endorse is something that we know our dogs would not only approve of -- but be proud of. They give back to the community by using a manufacturer that empowers local refugee women through fair wage employment. A portion of their proceeds is donated to American Pets Alive! AmPA! mission is to urgently address the crisis of unnecessary deaths of shelter animals by empowering communities with proven solutions.

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