Miso Homemade Catnip Tacos Cat Toy


Miso Handmade Catnip Tacos Cat Toy is filled with organic catnip and a fun crinkle material so they crunch when your kitty goes in for a chew! All vegan materials, each is handmade and will delight!

Sewn of: fleece, organic catnip, crinkle material
Uses a super potent certified organic catnip that is grown in the USA

Miso Handmade designs all of their toys to please you as much as to please your pets. They also believe that life is too short to skimp on the fun and that our pets deserve more than plastic jingle ball toys. Toys make life more fun for them and for us, and play is an important part of healthy living. Miso Homemade personally designs and make everything they sell so you can buy with confidence knowing that you are indeed supporting "Handmade in the USA"!

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