Our Pets Mini Fun Fur Cat Toy


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Our Pets Mini Fun Fur Cat Toy is a brightly mouse-shaped for your kitty to bat around. This furry toy to will trigger your cat's hunting instincts, keeping them engaged and on the prowl.

Please note: The photo shows two mice, but only one is included in the order.
This product comes in assorted colors and a particular color is not guaranteed.

Mini Fun Fur Highlights:

Brightly colored to catch kitty's attention
Provides mental stimulation, preventing boredom
Made in the USA

At Our Pets, they understand the same old thing can get boring. That's why it's their mission to get new and exciting products in the paws of the pets who deserve them. Our Pets products are developed using the same safety standards as children's toys. At Our Pets, the safety of your furry friends is just as important as the good time they're sure to have!

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