Pet House Car Freshener Pumpkin Spice


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Pet House Car Fresheners are odor-eliminating, long-lasting, and are formulated with pet parents in mind. This freshener is infused with a natural, signature blend of essential oils that will freshen up any pesky lingering pet odors.

Pet House's Pumpkin Spice scent combines a warm and spicy holiday favorite with a blend of pumpkin, cinnamon sugar, maple butter and vanilla bean.

Like all Pet House products, this product is:

Made with a powerful odor neutralizer to keep even the stinkiest wet dog smells away
Non-toxic and free of harmful dyes
Long-lasting, and even effective for small spaces in the home
Made in the USA

Pet House Car Fresheners by One Fur All are free of toxins, allergens, paraffin, and petroleum by-products. They believe of house should be full of life and pets, but never smell like at one.

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