PoochieBells for Potty Training

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PoochieBells for Potty Training gives your dog an easy and unmistakable way to tell you it’s time for business. When their furry foot rings the bells, you'll know before an accident happens. PoochieBells have a 95% success rate because they come with simple instructions and are endorsed by pet professionals.

Please note: PoochieBells come in assorted colors and patterns. A specific color or pattern is not guaranteed.

PoochieBells Highlights:

PoochieBells come with pet profession endorsed training instructions
Handcrafted in the USA
Bells are loud enough to hear from a room or two away

PoochieBells are made by Only an Ocean. At Only an Ocean, they believe in bridging the gap between exceptional pet products and the retailers that carry them. Only an Ocean strives to find products that are innovative and make it easier for consumers to find products that aren't always available at all stores.

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