Puppy Cake Goat's Milk Blueberry Ice Cream Mix for Dogs


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  • Puppy Cake Goat's Milk Blueberry Ice Cream Mix is a fresh, healthy way to treat your dog to¬†all the delights of dreamy blueberry ice cream, but without the extra sugar. Crafted with gut-boosting goat's milk, this blueberry¬†ice cream mix is chock-full of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.¬†

    Puppy Cake Goat's Milk Blueberry Ice Cream is:

    Easy to serve: mix with water, freeze, and vóila! 
    Excellent for dogs with sensitive tummies
    Made with goat's milk, which is easier to digest than cow's milk
    Free of grains, wheat, gluten, soy, or artificial ingredients, preservatives, and colors

    Puppy Cake is a women-led company focused on crafting healthy, delicious, creative cake and ice cream mixes for dogs. Made in Portersville, PA, Puppy Cake products are taste-tested for quality by the humans that craft them and can be found only in independent pet stores like Tomlinson's.

  • Whole goat's milk, blueberries, beet, gelatin and salt

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