RC Pets Tundra Fleece Mulberry Dog Jacket

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  • RC Pets Tundra Fleece Dog Jacket provides double layered warmth and stylized sherpa texture. This stylish coat can take you seamlessly from city park to national park! Available in 9 sizes!

    Sweater Highlights:

    2-way zipper for harness access on back
    Storm flap to trap warm air
    Double layer fleece for added warmth
    Fully bound on inside for comfort

    RC Pets makes pet products that are all designed to help strengthen the bond between guardian and pet, while looking good and performing superbly under all conditions. RC Pets got started making products for skiers and snowboarders who play on the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. They had to be innovative and create products that were rugged and responsive, the same criteria they now use when designing products for dogs and cats and the humans that love them.

  • 10, Weight 10-15 lbs Length 10", Girth 15"-18"
    12, Weight 15-20 lbs Length 12", Girth 17"-21"
    14, Weight 20-25 lbs Length 14", Girth 20"-24"
    16, Weight 25-30lbs Length 16", Girth 22"-26"
    18, Weight 30-35 lbs Length 18", Girth 23"-28.5"
    20, Weight 30-40 lbs Length 20", Girth 24"-30"
    22, Weight 35-45 lbs Length 22", Girth 25"-31"
    24, Weight 40-60 lbs Length 24", Girth 26"-33"
    26, Weight 60-80 lbs Length 26", Girth 29"-35"

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