RC Pets Vista Coat Arctic Blue with Marigold Dog Jacket


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  • Snuggle up in style with this RC Pets Vista Coat Arctic Blue with Marigold Dog Jacket! This cozy and versatile jacket is perfect for chilly days, keeping your pup fashionably warm and looking their best. Plus, it's easy to get on and off, so they'll be ready for any weather.

    Fleece Jacket Highlights:

    Cozy blend of polyester/recycled polyester/spandex
    Reflective RC signature label keeps your pet visible at night
    Flatlock seams on chest panel for optimal comfort
    Convenient rubber port for leash access 

    RC Pets aims to make products to boost the bond between owners and pets by designing smart, sleek products that never fail to perform. RC Pets started outdoors, creating products that were rugged enough for the mountains and responsive enough for the humans using them.

  • Size 8 Length 8", Girth 14"-16"
    Size 10 Length 10", Girth 15"-18"
    Size 12 Length 12", Girth 17"-21"
    Size 14 Length 14", Girth 20"-24"
    Size 16 Length 16", Girth 22"-26"
    Size 18 Length 18", Girth 23"-28.5"
    Size 20 Length 20", Girth 24"-30"
    Size 22 Length 22", Girth 25"-31"
    Size 24 Length 24", Girth 26"-33"
    Size 26 Length 26", Girth 29"-35"
    Size 28 Length 28", Girth 31"-38"

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