RC Pets Zephyr Cooling Bandana Multi Stripes Dog Apparel


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  • RC Pet Zephyr Cooling Bandana Multi Stripes Dog Apparel is a fun and stylish way to help your pet beat the heat this summer! Simply soak in water and put on your dog. Pop in the freezer and your pooch will be cool as a cucumber for hours.

    This cooling bandana is:

    Lightweight fabric uses an evaporative cooling process to bring down your dog temperature
    Lightweight even when wet

    RC Pets aims to make products to boost the bond between owners and pets by designing smart, sleek products that never fail to perform. RC Pets started outdoors, creating products that were rugged enough for the mountains and responsive enough for the humans using them.

  • Small/Medium 8-17"
    Medium/Large 15-25"

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