Sparky's Choice Orange Waterproof Dog Collar


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Sparky's Choice Waterproof Dog Collars are the best way to get your dog swimming in style! This no-stink dog collar is made from bright, durable vinyl-coated webbing that is resistant to odors, water, and easy to clean. This collar will help your dog's summer be even more fun, stylish, and stink-free as you head outdoors.

Waterproof Dog Collar Highlights:

Proudly made in the USA
No stink material, making it great for swimmers
Easy to clean, mud and dirt won't stand a chance!

Sparky's Choice Waterproof Dog Collars are made in the USA by Auburn Leather Crafters. At Auburn, they put the quality of the products they sell for your pets above all else. Their collars are handcrafted with quality materials. They aim to never disappoint a customer. At Auburn Leather Crafters, they stand behind each and every one of their products.

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