Tomlinson's Durkha Bully Wrapped Yak Chew


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  • Tomlinson's Durkha Bully Wrapped Yak Chew For Dogs are all-natural and long-lasting chews made from milk, lime, and salt and wrapped with a U.S. made bully stick.

    Tomlinson's Durkha Bully Wrapped Yak Chew is:

    A chew that promotes dental health by naturally scraping teeth and gums to remove harmful plaque and reduce buildup
    100% digestible
    Great for teething puppies, picky dogs, and adult dogs who need something durable to chew
    Processed naturally, without artificial ingredients, flavors, preservatives, or colors and are low in odor

    At Tomlinson's Feed, we treasure our eight core values, one of which is quality: we sell only products that meet our high standard of quality. We strive to provide only the best for your pet, and our name-brand treats are no different.

  • Yak Sticks are Hard! This is good for experienced chewers, recommended for adult dogs.

    For more fun information on bones and chews, click here!

  • Yak and/or cow milk, salt, lime juice; US made bully stick

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