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What to Know Before Adopting a Cat in Austin

Welcome to Austin: the home of timeless art, music, good food, and loveable companions. If you think it's time to finally bring a furry companion into your life, Austin is one of the best places to do so. For one,...

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The Essentials for Dog Training Austin

Your adorable little puppy has started showing nasty dog manners — jumping on guests, biting, pulling on the leash during walks… Nothing like the life you envisioned. It’s time to get a professional dog trainer. We’ll tell you everything you...

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A Budget-Friendly Guide to Vet Clinics in Austin

Pet visits, for most pet parents, can be a nightmare. Your fur baby is sick, and the vet clinic makes your pet anxious. What if it's expensive or the services are poor… Could it get worse? Don’t give up! We put...

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