Lost Pet Microchip Scans

Microchip scanners are a new addition to all Tomlinson's locations in hopes of reuniting lost pets with their humans, or reassuring responsible pet parents they are set-up correctly. Stop by any Tomlinson's Feed to have us assist you with this free service.

Here's how it works:

Free Microchip Scan
  1. Bring your pet to any Tomlinson's Feed locations
  2. We will slowly scan your pet's body to located the microchip
  3. Once we locate, we can look up the microchip number using the AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup website
  4. In the event that the pet was found, you can contact the company with which the microchip is registered to inform them the pet has been found



How do microchips work?

Microchips are small transponders that are implanted in an animal's skin, typically on the pet's back between their shoulder blades. They can be read by a scanner that provides a chip number and the phone number of the registry for the specific brand of chip, which can in turn provide the owner's name and contact information. It is important to note that, even if a pet has a microchip, the owner must register their pet's chip and keep their contact info up-to-date.

Are there different types of microchips?

As with all products, there are competing microchip companies that provide the same service, each with their own database. The scanners at Tomlinson's stores are universal- meaning they can read chips from all manufacturers.

What if the animal doesn't have a microchip, or the chip is unregistered?

There are many options, and they all depend on what the person that found them is wanting to do. You can suggest posting about finding a lost pet on websites like Craigslist or Facebook, posting found signs around the neighborhood where the pet was found, or taking the pet to the local shelter to care for the lost pet. If the chip is unregistered, you can ask the microchip company who the chip was sold to. If sold to a shelter or vet's office, there's a chance owner information will be on file.