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Looking for the best litter box for your feline companion? Our selection of cat litter boxes is your perfect solution to ensure your cat’s healthy elimination habits. Some cheap clay litter box fillers can be harmful to your pet cats and to you, and those may cause lung issues and intestinal blockages if you’re not careful with your product choices. Here at Tomlinson’s, we ensure that the cat litter boxes we offer are safe for you and loved by your feline pal. 

There’s a wide variety of litters available in Tomlinson’s: clumping clay, non-clumping clay, crystal, and the natural variety. The litter cats usually prefer is the natural kind, but each kitty is different. The natural kind is the most popular because it’s biodegradable and has low dust tracking. If you’re looking for the best litter, just look up “cat litter near me” for various options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kitty Litter Is Best?

Depending on your budget and your cat’s allergic reactions, the best may be an all-natural variety. There are brands that are natural and sometimes scented with natural oils to mask the smell.

Is Kitty Litter Bad for You?

Some knock-off brands can be dangerous, especially those that are made with clay. Take time to compare products, read their product descriptions, and research on their product components. To prevent potential problems with the quality of the litter, search “litter box near me” for better results.

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