How to not be THAT pet parent 👀

Did you know that 60% of Austin owns a pet? We take the bronze medal statewide in pets per household 🥉 With more than half of Austin owning a doggo, we all need to do our part by being courteous and respectful...

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12 Toxic Central Texas Plants for Pets

Poisonous plants are very common in Central Texas. But, knowing the signs of plant toxicity and which flora to avoid will help you enjoy your native landscape with peace of mind. 
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14 Central Texas Snakes To Look Out For

Snake! We know these slithery critters can spark fear in the hearts of many Texans. But, trust us, you don't need the shovel for these serpents.  Snakes are wildly misunderstood. Some love 'em, some hate 'em. But, for everyone's safety, including your pet, you...

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Pet Parent Guide: Caring for Disabled Pets

Whether you are fostering or adopting, it takes a lot of love, patience, and knowledge to care for a pet. We've partnered with local rescues to enlighten hopeful pet owners about how rewarding caring for a disabled/special needs pet can be!

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An Essential Guide to Austin Off-Leash Dog Parks

It’s fun to be a dog in Austin. From dog-friendly restaurants, to hiking trails, parks, and swimming areas… Austin dogs live their best lives. If you just moved to ‘Dogtown’ and you’re looking for a neighborhood park for your pooch...

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What to Know Before Adopting a Cat in Austin

Welcome to Austin: the home of timeless art, music, good food, and loveable companions. If you think it's time to finally bring a furry companion into your life, Austin is one of the best places to do so. For one,...

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