What to Know Before Adopting a Cat in Austin

Welcome to Austin: the home of timeless art, music, good food, and loveable companions. If you think it's time to finally bring a furry companion into your life, Austin is one of the best places to do so. For one,...

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The Essentials for Dog Training Austin

Your adorable little puppy has started showing nasty dog manners — jumping on guests, biting, pulling on the leash during walks… Nothing like the life you envisioned. It’s time to get a professional dog trainer. We’ll tell you everything you...

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A Budget-Friendly Guide to Vet Clinics in Austin

Pet visits, for most pet parents, can be a nightmare. Your fur baby is sick, and the vet clinic makes your pet anxious. What if it's expensive or the services are poor… Could it get worse? Don’t give up! We put...

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Safe Swimming Spots for your Pets

Summer time in Texas means margaritas, burgers on the patio, and HOT weather.

I don't know about your pups, but my retriever wants to swim all day, every day because it's too hot for other physical activities. We heard his (and the other active pups) outcry and put together a list of safe, pet-friendly swimming holes in the Austin and surrounding areas.

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Selecting a Dog Daycare in Austin: The Best and the Worst

Are you a dog parent new to Austin, TX, or have you just adopted your first dog? Odds are that your new pup needs to keep busy when you go to work (or, work from home) every day. But, how do you select the best dog daycare for your dog in Austin? Here are our tips.
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The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Austin

Austin loves dogs. So, We’ve picked the top ten dog-friendly restaurants that have off-leash parks, friendly staff, and a doggie menu guaranteed to have your pup wagging.

Here’s our top 10 list...

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6 Waggy Ideas For Dog Adoption in Austin

“Adopt, don’t shop” is a popular tag on social media, with good reason.  There are millions of abandoned dogs in the U.S. In Austin, for example, a no-kill policy means there are a good number of adoptable pets in the...

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11 Poisonous Foods for Pets

The holidays are here, and with them, the year's tastiest eats that tempt even our four-legged family members. And while it's difficult to deny those puppy dog eyes begging from underneath the dinner table, not sharing your 'people food' is often in the best interest of your pet's health. The infographic and details that follow identify eleven poisonous foods for pets that are particularly dangerous.
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