Pet Dental Care: Tips & What to Expect

PetĀ dental problems can be costly: extractions, repairs, fillings, etc. But routineĀ at-home dentalĀ maintenance and bi-yearly cleanings can prevent expensive dental treatments and procedures and protect your pet's smile for years to come!

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Your Dog's Guide to Fall in TX šŸ

After a hot Texas summer, our tongues and tails are wagging for sweater weather.
As the temps dip into the 80's, weĀ gathered a list of our favorite dog-friendly patios, hiking spots, events, and pumpkin-flavored treats in the Texas Hill Country.
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The Do's and Don'ts of Bones and Hard Chews

Bones and hard chews--like those in our Pet Deli--are fun, tasty, and great for mental stimulation and dental health.Ā But, dogsĀ need to be monitored!Ā Learn our tips about feeding bones and hard chews.
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10 Sustainable Practices For All Pet Parents

DogĀ & cat suppliesĀ alone contribute over 300 million pounds yearly to landfills! Thatā€™s why we've decided to share our own tips and tricks for sustainable pet parenting while highlighting some of our favorite eco-friendly brands.Ā 

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12 Toxic Central Texas Plants for Pets

Poisonous plants are very common in Central Texas. But, knowing the signs of plant toxicity and which flora to avoid will help you enjoy your native landscape with peace of mind.Ā 
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14 Central Texas Snakes To Look Out For

Snake!Ā We know these slithery critters can spark fear in the hearts of many Texans. But, trust us, you don't need the shovel for theseĀ serpents.Ā  Snakes are wildly misunderstood. Some love 'em, some hate 'em. But,Ā for everyone'sĀ safety, including your pet, you...

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