Self-Serve Dog Wash in Austin


Wash your dirty dog (or patient cat) with little-to-no stress in the best self-serve dog wash in Austin.

You bring the pups, we supply the suds. Best part? We clean up the mess!

How does it work?

DIY pet wash austin

Book your bath time in advance at any of these Austin-area locations:

Allandale: 1 pet | 2+ pets

Bar W: 1 pet | 2+ pets

Dripping Springs (Belterra)

Braker & 183

Far West

Lakeway: 1 pet | 2+ pets


S. Congress: 1 pet | 2+ pets


First visit? When you arrive, check in with a team member for a walk-through of how to bathe your pet safely and efficiently. Our helpful staff will talk you through how to get the most out of our dog washes.

Already know the ropes? Head right in, tap "Start" on the exterior iPad, and start your dog wash. Give a Team Member a shout if you need any assistance.

With all this top-notch dog wash equipment, you'll feel like a pro groomer. Get your dog groomer-clean minus the big costs.


How much does a self-serve pet wash cost?

$19.99 per pet

We suggest booking 30 minutes per pet (i.e. 30 minutes for one dog, 60 minutes for two or more dogs).

 In the interest of safety for you and your pets, our wash rooms can accommodate a maximum of two dogs and two people at a time.


Every self-serve dog wash station has everything you need

Self serve pet wash in austin

Dog wash features include:

  • A raised, stainless-steel dog wash tub (with additional raisers for small pets)
  • A step stool for easy accessibility by large dogs, senior dogs, or dogs with mobility issues
  • Spray nozzle with warm water
  • Blow dryer set to low/cool heat
  • Towels
  • Hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioner
  • Combs/brushes
  • Ear cleaner
  • Breath freshener
  • Cotton balls
  • Apron
  • Treats (a little food motivation for the good boys and girls)

Have a special grooming product you use? Bring it with you to use at the pet wash.

Each dog wash station is fully enclosed: you and your dirty dog have the full room to yourselves for your entire reservation.

Dog Wash FAQs

Can I reserve the wash in advance?

Yes! Due to high demand for our pet washes, customers requested the ability to reserve a wash in advance. So, we made it happen!

Simply book a wash at your preferred location below:

Allandale | Bar WDripping Springs (Belterra) | Braker & 183 | Far West | Lakeway | Leander | S. CongressWestlake

Do I have to make an appointment?

Appointments are recommended but certainly not required.

Got a dirty dog and need a bath ASAP? Simply call your nearest location with a dog wash. We'll confirm if the bath is open and waiting for you.

What should I bring with me?

You and your pet! Seriously, we'll provide the rest and we'll clean up afterward.

I prefer to use my own shampoo products. Can I bring my own?

Of course. If you have a favorite shampoo or conditioner, bring it! Please leave any scissors or shears at home. 

How many pets can I bring in one visit?

In the interest of safety for you and your pets, our wash rooms can accommodate a maximum of two dogs and two people at a time.

Is there a time limit?

Washes typically take around 30 minutes per pet. If you go a few minutes over, that's no problem at all provided that no other customers are waiting for the wash room.

My dog has fleas. Can I bring him in for a wash?

Tomlinson's self-serve pet washes are a flea-free environment. Pretty please don't bring your pup in if he has fleas. Doing so puts other customers' pets at risk of catching fleas and requires our staff to shut down the wash for an extended deep clean, inconveniencing other customers who have appointments.

Why a Self-Serve Dog Wash?

Bathing your dog is about more than making your fur child feel fancy. A good dog wash helps to keep your pup healthy: it means teeth brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and a thorough physical exam of your dog from nose to paws that could help you spot any unusual bumps or bruises.

While trusting the expert pet or dog groomers to take care of your pooch can save you valuable time and energy, washing your dog on your own can be a fun experience. A gentle and thorough dog wash fosters bonding and attachment. Clean pets know they are loved.