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From hiding to chomping, your cat can never have enough toys! Cats are naturally curious and playful. They’ll play with you, another fellow feline friend, or even a puppy.

Giving toys to your cat provides several benefits, and those are not just about entertainment. Toys for a cat keep them physically and mentally fit and prevent them from gnawing or scratching things around the home. Without a cat toy, your feline friend will get bored and find ways to entertain themselves, which may include destructive ways!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Toys Do Cats Like to Play With?

Interactive toys such as balls are great for cats because these have several benefits. For cats with behavioral problems such as aggression, interactive toys can be the outlet for their excess energy, rather than you or your other pets. Interactive toys can also help depressed or shy cats to be more alert and trustful during playtime.

Wand toys often have a thin piece of fabric or ribbon attached to a stick. Some even have feathers tied. Wave, circle, and flutter the wand over your cats’ heads, in the same way insects and birds fly over them. Wands are great cat toys for close play sessions, but they still keep cat claws at a safe distance.

There are stuffed toys and balls that make it possible to put in catnip. Catnip increases entertainment for cats during playtime and is safe to be ingested. Sprinkle some catnip into a piece of paper or your pet’s favorite toy to invite your cat to play.

What Is the Best Toy for a Cat?

Cats come in different shapes and sizes, and cat toys are not made equal. The best cat toys are those that are safe and appropriate for your pet, so consider the following things when you shop.

Age and Size

Cats love the sound and fun bells can offer, but those are not appropriate for kittens and small cats. Bells can be dislodged from the toy during play and may injure your cat. On the other hand, kittens may not enjoy toys that are too big for them.

Cats are attracted to a lot of things, and there are numerous cat toys on the market that are made of materials cats like. Textures such as wool, fur, and fleece attract cats. They’re also entertained by sounds produced by bells and crinkly materials. Cats won’t keep their eyes off toys that have fluttery, feathery, and moving parts.

It’s also good to have a rotation of cat toys to keep them interested. It’s recommended to have four to five toys available every week and to change their selection the following week.

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