Bark Boost: 8 Reasons to Feed Your Dog Greens

Bark Boost: 8 Reasons to Feed Your Dog Greens

This post is brought to you by Ryan Cummings- dog dad, Austinite and owner of The Bones & Co. His love of pets and extensive knowledge of pet nutrition led him to create a natural, raw diet to help your pet thrive.

10501764_10153429399569793_5892163161287945579_n If our pups had their way, the treats would be endless- that's where Bark Boost comes in. Most people think of dogs as strictly meat-eaters. And while our canine friends are at their happiest and healthiest on a meat-based diet, plants are extremely beneficial to their furry little bodies. But because dogs are unable to fully digest raw vegetables, it's important to take the time to cold press and macerate ingredients. This provides the highest bio-availability possible, meaning your dog will be able to use all the good stuff inside. For us humans, it's easy to pop into any number of healthy spots and grab a fresh pressed green juice or smoothie to get our daily greens. But what about for dogs? And how can we trust that a conglomerate of greens is healthy and suitable for our dog's particular needs? We had these same questions, so we created Bark Boost. We buy the freshest veggies from local farms around Austin and gently freeze them to lock in their nutrients. Every ingredient has been hand selected to provide a specific benefit to your pup. So, what’s inside Bark Boost and how does it benefit our furry friends?

Cold-Pressed, Fresh, Leafy Greens (Kale, Spinach and Dandelion Greens):  These super foods are the most nutrient dense around. We take the extra time to cold press them so their full nutrient profile can be absorbed.

Celery: An amazing anti-inflammatory, celery also contains the cancer busting flavonoid luteolin. Zucchini: Manganese in zucchini increases the levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD), the enzyme responsible for protecting mitochondria against oxidative stress. majbb Major loves his daily dose of Bark Boost. Additionally, the fiber in zucchini promotes regular and healthy stools. The fiber content is high enough to help prevent carcinogenic toxins from settling in the colon, which is especially important as pets these days have longer life spans. Lemon: Lemons interact with the body’s metabolism to have an alkalizing effect on the bodily fluids, helping restore balance to your pup’s pH levels. Proper PH is critical for the cell development responsible for a strong immune system.

Turmeric: One of nature’s wonder drugs, turmeric is packed with curcuminoids, a natural and highly effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Ginger: With medicinal uses dating back for centuries, ginger has more than 40 pharmacological actions, including broad spectrum antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant and anti-parasitic properties.

Coconut Oil: An incredible source of medium chain fatty acids to support skin and coat health, coconut oil isn’t just good for us humans. Beef Bone Broth: Naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin help promote joint health and prevent and alleviate arthritis, while the collagen boosts connective tissue function. Whether you’re looking to improve your pet’s overall health or treat a specific ailment, Bark Boost is an easy, tasty way to give your pup her daily dose of veggies.   What did your pooch think about Bark Boost? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on our Facebook page!

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