Super Easy, DIY Frozen Treat for Pets

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Today's high is what?! 🤒

FACT: pets are at a higher risk in the hot summer months to experience pet dehydration.

Thankfully, feeding a high-moisture diet or rewarding them with a high-moisture treat can ensure your pet is properly hydrated.

So, here’s an absurdly easy do-it-yourself frozen treat for your dog or cat to boost their moisture intake on a summer day. 

Hot Dog (@ollie.atx on Instagram)

Super Easy, DIY Frozen Treat for Dogs and Cats

We promise this is so easy that even your dog and cat can do this (OK – a stretch but seriously so easy).


→ A happy, spoiled dog and/or a pretty kitty
→ Nulo Freestyle Bone Broth Topper for Pets


Order Nulo's bone broth for local Same-Day Delivery (delivery is F-R-E-E!) or snag it at your neighborhood Tomlinson’s.

2. Pop that bone broth in your freezer for 30 mins (or until frozen).

3. Cut open the top, and push up the broth to serve (or throw it into a clean bowl).

4. Grab your frozen drink (cheers!) and chill out on this hot summer day!

@iathenathegolden on Instagram (image: Nulo Freestyle Salmon Bone Broth with puppy)
Pupsicool (image: black furry dog outside on grass with pupsicool)

Too hot to wait?

You’re in luck! Pupsicool is a local company that has perfected the ice-cold treat with all natural, locally sourced ingredients.
As an added bonus, they throw in a special treat in each frozen bone broth ice pops.

Give this tasty treat a try – they are part of our Pet Picks this month!

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