6 Indoor Activities for Pets

6 Indoor Activities for Pets

Rain or Hot Day? Lame. Tomlinson's list of indoor activities? Not lame! When boredom strikes due to bad or hot weather, keeping your busy bodied dog entertained inside can be a hassle. Our philosophy is: keep it simple & keep it a surprise.

Here are our top six indoor activities for both dogs and cats: 

Indoor Activities for Pets

1. The PB & Meat Special

It might sound like a weird combo to you, but trust us, your dog is doing to love it!

Put their problem solving skills to the test with this puzzling first activity. Here is what you need:

  • Peanut Butter -¬†This one's our favorite, but any xylitol-free PB¬†will do.
  • Meat -¬†Freeze-dried raw¬†is super palatable and¬†sticks¬†well to that PB.
  • Snoop¬†-¬†We guarantee this¬†busy toy¬†will test their brain power.

Boxer waiting on PB & Meat Special Treat in a Snoop Busy Toy

    Instructions: Just mix your PB with your freeze-dried raw food and scoop it into your Snoop. And, tada! A long lasting and tasty brain teaser for your pup to enjoy. 

    Have a cat? Swap the peanut butter for pumpkin puree (here is our fav) and use a Lick Mat instead.

    2. Hide & Seek 

    If your dog has a strong sniffer, this will be their new favorite game indoors. Here is what you need:

    Dog waiting for treat from little girl

      Instructions: Plain & simple - hide the dog treat in your home and let your dog hunt down the hidden goodies.

      Just check out Kaya the Basset Hound go!

      @the.royal.basset¬†‚ô¨ original sound - ‚̧ԳŹ Kaya the Dog ūüź∂

      3. Paw Lickin' Good

      A Lick Mat is a food-grade, silicone mat that is lined with a pattern designed to keep pet food in place. This indoor obstacle will help slow your dog or cat's eating, soothe their anxiety, and provide great mental stimulation.

      Cat using a lick mat

      Here is what you need:

      Making a Lick Mat for a Dog

      Instructions: Smash wet food into the mat with a spatula. Next, spread a gallop of goat whip/yogurt around. Top with a handful of blueberries. That's it!

      Tomlinson's Pro Tip: Freeze your lick mat with all of it's fixin's for one hour. Serve to your pet frozen to lengthen the time it takes to finish.

      4. The More the Marrow

      Ahh, mother nature's toothbrush. Frozen marrow bones are a) tasty, b) long lasting, c) great for dental health, and d) did we say tasty? With a marrow bone, your dog's pent up energy will be gone in no time!

      Here is a list of our favorite marrow bones:

      • Bones & Co. Beef Marrow Bones -¬†Available in¬†2 inch,¬†4 inch or 6 inch bones.¬†Made right here in Austin, Tx!
      • Primal¬†Beef Marrow Bone Dog Chews - These busy¬†bones will hold their own against your pups chompers.¬†
      • Northwest Naturals Beef Marrow Bones - With multiple sizes, your dog will go nuts over these¬†high-quality marrow bones.

      Dog Chewing on Raw Bone

      Instructions: Be sure to brush up on the Do's and Don'ts of hard Bones & Chews if this is your first marrow bone rodeo. All dog's should be well supervised when given a bone or hard chew.

      5. The Ol' Towel Trick

      This quick indoor game for your pet only takes two items and is a fun way to keep your cat or dog entertained. Here is what you need:

      Dog waiting on towel for treat

      Instructions: Lay towel flat on the ground and sprinkle a handful of treats on top. Scrunch and twist the towel into a messy ball, keeping and the treats inside. Your dog or cat will push and move the towel around to find the hidden treasure inside. Easy peasy!

      6. Rest and Relaxation

      Who says a little R & R isn't an "activity"?

      Having a comfy, cooling dog bed or cat fort can do wonders for a cooped up pet. I'm sure your hooman bed is ultra comfy, but if you're ready to give them their own zen den here is what our Team would suggest:

      Major Darling Calming SprayDogs

      Fluffy Dog Bed

      10 out of 10, our dogs would recommend.

      Calming Spray

      With notes of lavender, grapefruit, and roman chamomile, a few spritz of this spray will help calm your pup and refresh their dog bed. 

      Cat playing in a BeOneBreed Cat TipiCats

      Cat Fort

      This tipi duos as a quiet napping spot and hiding place. Purfect for kitties that hate the sound of storms. 

      Scratch Lounge

      We've been told (by our cats) this is the best thing since canned tuna.

      Like what you read?

      When the sun does come out, take Fido out on the town!

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