Our Top 10 Texan Pet Brands

Our Top 10 Texan Pet Brands

Everything is better in Texas - even pet food. We've rustled up a list of our top ten Texas pet food brands we carry. Plus, a bonus one for our feathered friends!

These foods and supplies are sure to have your pets yippin' for more and keep their tails waggin' with energy! Even better, you can find every one of them at your local Tomlinson's and on tomlinsons.com.

Wrangle in our Top 10 Texan Pet Brands:

1. Nulo Pet Foods

First up on our roundup is Nulo Pet Foods. You know how we Texans love our high-quality proteins—well, so do our pets! Nulo has got the goods with both grain-free and grain-in recipes packed with all the right nutrients to keep Fido and Garfield fit as a fiddle. 🏋️‍♂️

Nulo is made by Austin-based who puts your dog and cat's health first. There kibble, canned, treats, and freeze-dried foods sit at the perfect intersection of quality and price.

2. Bones & Co.

For an all-in-one food, packed with proteins and healthy nutrients, Bones & Co. is worth a gander. Their raw diets 🥩 give your pup the ancestral eating experience they've been howling for, plus you can have peace of mind about what's going in their bowl. 

But, they didn't stop there! Bones & Co. has frozen raw bones, goat milk supplements, bone broth, and even single-ingredient treats. All locally made, and locally loved! 

3. A Pup Above

Talk about farm-to-table—or should we say, farm-to-bowl? A Pup Above serves human-grade meals, sous-vide style! A Pup Above's gently cooked food retains all those good benefits of a fresh diet for your dog without the hassle of making it yourself. 

A Pup Above uses named, organic ingredients we stand by. Your pet's bowl and health will be better for it! 

4. Primal Pet Foods

Mixing up your pet's diet is important, and Primal Pet Foods knows it. Complete with the power of raw nutrition, you dog or cat will benefit more from their food with their frozen or freeze-dried diets! Or, add a topper like goat's milk for increased hydration and gut support.

Primal is now made right here in Texas. With a selection of top-tier of diets, supplements, and treats, it's a feast fit for a Lone Star king or queen. Plus, they just launched a kibble - the first of its kind!

5. Wondercide

Summers can be a buggy burden, y'all. Keep your pets free of fleas and ticks with Wondercide Pest Preventatives. Kind to pets but tough on pests, it's the Texan way! Say adios to those pesky critters like fleas, ticks, and even mosquitos.

All natural, non-toxic, and pest free - yeehaw!

6. Major Darling

Wanna jazz up your fur kiddos look? Major Darling is a locally made, and loved pet gear brand. And, they're collars and leashes are sturdy enough for any dog-gone rodeo. They even make sazzy cat collars too. 

We also carry their home goods like candles and bed fresheners - all ethically made in Austin, Texas.

7. Frosted Paws Bakery

Who says dogs can't have a sweet tooth? At Frosted Paws Bakery, the treats are freshly-baked and as drool-worthy as grandma's apple pie.

Special occasion or just because—you've gotta treat 'em to something from this local bakery from Georgetown, texas. 🍪

8. Rogue Pet Science

Add a bit of oomph to their diet with Rogue Pet Science. Their natural supplements are like a good ol' Texas power-up for your pet's daily nutrition.

Not only is Rogue Pet Science made in Texas, but they use sustainably sourced ingredients - like menhaden fish from the Gulf of Mexico. Now that's local!

9. One Farm

It's all about givin' our pets the best, straight from Mother Nature's pantry. And One Farm delivers clean, natural supplements that aid in calming and reducing inflammation.

One Farm is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has been making pet botanical wellness products since 2017.

10. SquarePet

SquarePet is a family-owned and operated pet food company in the Central Texas area. Their Texan team is committed to always using top-quality, responsibly-sourced ingredients to craft their vet-formulated therapeutic diets!

From cat urinary to dog digestive support, their foods are remedies for common issues. 

Bonus Texan Brand:

🐔🐤 Coyote Creek Chicken Feed

And, we didn't forget about our feathered friends! Coyote Creek Chicken Feed is organic and full of everything your chickens need to be healthy and lay beautiful eggs.

Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill was built as the very first of its kind in Texas to purchase locally grown organic grains, and sell organic feeds to farmers all across the Southern United States.

You can order your chicken feed at Tomlinson's and we'll deliver it - for free!

🤠 We're local

Remember folks, keeping it local isn't just good for your pets, it's great for our Texas economy too. Plus, when you shop at Tomlinson's, you're part of a community that treasures every bark, purr, and cluck. Browse more Texan Brands we carry here.

Come on down to your nearest Tomlinson's Feed and fill your boots—err, carts—with the finest food for your pets. And while you're at it, share a story or two about your pet's favorite pick from our Texas best; we're all ears!

Happy feeding, and yeehaw to healthy pets!

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