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14 ways to say "I love you" to your pets

As responsible pet owners, we are always drumming up ways to communicate with our dogs and cats using verbal or physical cues. So how can we communicate “I love you” on Valentine’s Day? Speak your pet's love language with these 14 tips to show your pets that you love them unconditionally:

A sweet plush toy

valentine's day toys for dogs and catsNothing gets your dog’s tail wagging more than a NEW plush toy. Whether they destroy it in 5 seconds or cherish is for years, it’s hard to say no to a cute dog toy. The perfect toy to show your affection? The Hugglehounds Candy Heart toy. It’s too sweet.View the entire collection here.

Boop of the nose

A silly yet rewarding gesture is a sure way to let your dog or cat “hey, I see you & love you.” Plus, we may just be crazy in love with our own pets but their noses are too darn cute. Try it out. If you need inspiration on execution, get lost in @boopmynose feed of adorableness. 

A heckin’ delicious cookie

valentine's day cookies for dogsWithout fail, Bosco & Roxy’s Valentine’s Day themed cookies are too cute AND delicious. A few cookies that we are crushing on: Smooch your pooch, I❤️🐶, or a 4-pack of peanut butter cups with hearts. If you’re feeling adventurous, grab one for yourself. These cookies are made with human-grade ingredients like honey and coconut.

A good ol’ butt scratch

Whether it’s a tap or a nice scratch, your pet will appreciate you scratching a spot their little paws can’t reach. Important: our advice applies to pets – sorry hoomans. 

A shiny new collar

Comparable to jewelry, a pet collar is a perfect accessory to highlight how beautiful your pet’s coat is. From modern, timeless pieces to funky designs, they are sure to shine bright like the diamonds you ask for. View collars for dogs and cats here.

A hug

dog hugThe age-old gesture of affection works on your pets too. Get down to their height and wrap your loving arms around them. Our bet is that they melt into them (unless your dog is like mine that gets embarrassed and squirms away – his lost!). 

A Tomlinson’s Feed tennis ball

This bright yellow ball is sure to get your dog’s heart racing. Plus, it indicates outdoor playtime which most pups love. Who’s ready to play?!

A slow blink

Yes, a slow blink. We’re not sure what it is about the gesture, but if you slowly blink with relaxed eyes at your cat, you’re telling them “I love you” and they will understand. Cats man…

A tasty treat

We love chocolate, cupcakes, truffles, they love jerky, meaty treats/bones, or freeze-dried duck hearts. Added bonus – the freeze-dried duck hearts are 20% OFF now until Valentine’s Day.

A belly R-U-B

Comfort your pet with a gentle massage of the belly. Fun game: try to find where they are ticklish. Important: see our disclosure for a good ol’ butt scratch.

A bed

comfy dog bedSometimes we can’t always be around to provide hugs and warmth. Let me nestle up and settle into a luxurious bed for them to rest their eyes until your return/wakening. Browse our collection of beds for dogs and cats.

A nickname

Just like babe, darling, or honey, dogs and cats enjoy a cute, loving nickname. A few common nicknames: bud, floofer, bubba, mew-mew.

A bottle of Goat’s Milk

As you open a bottle of wine or Topo Chico, open a bottle of goat’s milk for your dog. This delicious supplement pairs well with any course, or an upset tummy. Cheers!

Puppy kisses

Never underestimate the power of puppy kisses. Return the favor to let them know they are a good boy/girl.


Now get out there and give your pet a big ol’ smooch and ear rub for us. ❤️

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