Starting Fresh: 7 Pet Nutrition Changes with Big Benefits

Starting Fresh: 7 Pet Nutrition Changes with Big Benefits

A New Year brings new opportunities to make small changes that reap big rewards on our wallets or waistlines. And it's no different with pets: small adjustments to your pet's nutrition can bring big improvements to her health. We've polled our team, and whipped up these 7 easy ways to start fresh with your pet's diet this year: 1. PICK A TOPPER Canned, dehydrated, or freeze dried foods all make for a great kibble topper. Not only will your dog love the special ‘treat’, but it’s an easy, budget-friendly way to add variety and up moisture intake.

Benefit: Increased hydration from high-moisture toppers keeps your pet's internal organs well-lubricated and functioning optimally.

2. ADD AN EGG Eggs are egg-cellent (sorry, we had to) for healthy skin and coat, increased food palatability, and weight management. If time allows, fry one up and add it right on top of their normal food. Of course, eggs are high in calories and (healthy) fats relative to our pets' small bodies. If your pet is overweight, be sure to account for the increased calories of the egg by decreasing your pet's kibble portion. Want to try something other than eggs? Read about our favorite fresh foods for pets here. 

Benefit: Eggs are packed with Vitamin E, meaning your pet will have the most luscious locks on the block in no time.

3. TRY JUST *ONE* SUPPLEMENT From goat's milk to fish oil to kelp, we know first hand just how overwhelming supplement choices can be. But, it's not all or nothing- start  small and choose just one supplement to add to your pet's food for a full month. Supplements can be used as preventative measures, to promote overall health and wellness, or to address a specific issue. Team Tomlinson’s loves pet supplements! Here’s our top recommendations for probiotics, greens for your pet, and more.

Benefit: Giving your pet health and wellness an overall boost means a longer lifespan and lower vet costs in the future.

4. FEED IN A SNOOP Whoever said you shouldn’t play with your food never tried a Snoop. Stuff this interactive puzzle toy from Planet Dog with your pet’s favorite food, then sit back and watch as your dog pounces, nudges, and nibbles for hours as they try to unlock the hidden treasure.

Benefit: Interactive feeding triggers your pet's hunting and foraging instincts, and keeps their mind engaged. Mental health is important, too!

5. JUST ADD WATER... …or bone broth, or goat's milk. Adding warm water or broth to your pet's kibble can increase palatability and increases hydration (obviously). Even if you see your pet frequently lapping up water from their bowl, chances are they’re not as hydrated as you think. Not only is this a simple, tasty way to increase the moisture in your pet’s diet, but bone broth and goat milk are also packed with other nutrients.

Benefit: Proper hydration is key for digestion, proper joint function, and overall vitality.

6. ROTATE FORMULAS Variety isn’t just for human diets: if your kitty doesn’t have a sensitive stomach, try another formula from the same brand. Many of our manufacturers formulated foods with this in mind, so their formulas are easily rotatable. This gives your pet the health benefits from multiple protein sources, fruits, and veggies.

Benefit: Periodically switching up your pet's diet can minimize the risk of food intolerances, create excitement during mealtime, and round out your pet's nutrition.

7. DENTAL DESSERT! Dental care is equally important in pets as it is for humans, yet it is one of the most neglected areas of pet care Why is dental care important? Bad breath, mouth sores, and loose, missing, or broken teeth can all be avoided with proper dental care. Whether you choose to go for a breath-freshening chew or a bacteria-fighting raw bone, don’t let your pet’s dental health fall to the wayside this year.

Benefit: Not only will your pet's breath smell better, but proper dental health helps avoid more serious issues, like heart disease, down the road.

  What are some of your tried and true methods to including fresh foods in your pet’s diet? We’d love to hear- tell us in the comments below, or over on our Facebook page.

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