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Welcome Home: 10 New Pet Essentials

So you’ve adopted a new pet... now what? Any pet parent will tell you that adding a four-legged friend to the family can be equal parts rewarding and eye-opening. To make the transition a little bit easier, here’s a checklist of 10 things to have when bringing home a new pet:

High-Quality Food

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Proper nutrition is the best way to get your pet on the road to a happy and healthy life. The right food will keep your pet healthier and can help avoid unnecessary trips to the vet later in life.

Not sure which food is right for your new furry friend? Check out our post on choosing a pet food.

Food and Water Bowls

Now that you’ve picked out the purrfect pet food, grab some bowls for feeding. You might want to keep multiple water bowls full of freshwater both inside and outside to ensure your pet stays properly hydrated- especially in this Texas heat. If you choose to feed raw, opt for stainless steel bowl,s as plastic bowls can hold on to growing bacteria. If you have a fast eater like a labrador, opt for 'slow-feeder' dishes that prevent your pup from eating too fast and getting sick.


Two French Bulldogs sitting on a chair with a tie-dye toy shaped like Texas that says "keep Austin pets weird"

This is especially important for puppies, as they are teething and have a natural instinct to chew. Without toys around, your pup may start chewing on shoes, furniture, or other household items to satisfy their need to chew.

When choosing a toy, consider your pet’s size, age, and chewing abilities. There are countless products designed specifically for tough chewers, puppies, or extra-large mouths. It is also important to monitor your pet when they play, especially if there’s a chance any part could be destroyed and ingested by a curious pooch.

Collar, Leash, Tags

Losing a pet is something no pet parent wants to experience. Take no chances: outfit your pet in a collar with identification tags. You can have your pet’s name on the front, with your name and contact info on the back.

Think you’ll take Fido for walks or other outdoor adventures? Be sure to pick up a harness and leash.

Crate and Bedding

Pets should have a safe, comfortable, clean spot to sleep. Creating a designated sleeping spot will aid in both training and ensuring that your pet feels welcome in his new home.

Using a crate is great for house training and will come in handy if you have to leave them alone for a bit and don’t quite trust them to roam free in the house. Incentivize your pet to go into her crate by hiding her favorite treats in it. 

After a while, your pet will start to think of her crate as "her room," and retreat to it for comfort during storms or other stressful situations.


Dog sitting patiently to receive heart cookie with I Love Dogs icing

Use in moderation, especially if your pet's breed is prone to weight issues. Tasty treats are great for training, bonding, or rewarding Fluffy for being so darn cute. Look for limited or single-ingredient training treats, like lamb lung or chicken jerky.

Heartworm, Flea and Tick Prevention

Tomlinson’s carries a variety of flea and tick prevention products, but you’ll need to check with your veterinarian for the right heartworm preventative for your pet.

These are especially critical in the Central Texas climate, where humid conditions are an ideal breeding ground for these pests.

Potty Training

Potty pads, training bells, and kitty litter and litter boxes are some of the less-fun items on this list, but they’re some of the most important. The sooner you incorporate these items into your daily routine, the sooner your pet has a chance to successfully house train.

No matter which method of potty training you choose, accidents are inevitable. But don’t fret: clean-up products like Eco88 will eliminate stains and smells.

Bitter Apple Spray

Puppies just love to chew. Should you find your new friend chewing on something that’s not their toy-like furniture, perhaps- apply some bitter apple spray to the spot. This foul-tasting spray will deter them from chewing without harming your pet or household items.

Lots of love and affection!

Cat sleeping in woman's arms while she's on her phone

Pets, especially dogs, crave attention. Nothing will make them feel more at home than quality time, your love and companionship.

All of these supplies can be found at your local Tomlinson’s location. Feel free to ask a friendly team member any questions you may have, and we’ll be sure to help find the right items for you and your pet.

What are some other supplies you found helpful when you brought home your adoptee? Comment below, or share on our Facebook page!

*Source: PetMD

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