Cat Grooming

Wondercide Skin Tonic Spray for Dogs and Cats

Description Ingredients Wondercide Skin Tonic Spray for Dogs and Cats is a fast-acting and soothing itch and allergy relief spray.Made with ess...

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Shake Organic Skin Spritz for Pets, 4.5 Oz

Description Ingredients Shake Organic Skin Spritz for Pets is a natural and organic way to provide itch and hot spot relief. This holistic spri...

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More About Cat Grooming

Having cats is one of the best things in the world, but admittedly, they can be a bit dirty despite their strict cleaning habits. A common issue for cats would be tangled hair, bad breath, and dirty ears, which is why a grooming service is a must. The older your cat is, the more trips to the groomer you’ll need. However, there may be times when you may need to do it yourself and skip on the cat grooming services.

Our selection of pet grooming accessories in Austin are available for you and are easy to use. Since cat groomers in Austin can be expensive, our selection of cat grooming products is great even for first-time pet owners. Trimming nails is easier with our handy Safari trimmers. Some of the products we showcase are also used by cat grooming services in Austin.

We offer local deliveries in Austin for our cat products and groom accessories. There is also a choice of local store pickup if ever you’re not home or you live near our physical store. To check Tomlinson’s pet stores nearby, you can look up β€œcat grooming Austin near me” for more details. If ever you have problems with the products we sell, we offer free returns for refunds or exchange of equal value, as long as there is proof of purchase.