Pet Deli Turkey Link Dog Treat


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  • Turkey Link Dog Treat is a natural smoked piece of turkey that makes for a crunchy snack! It can be snapped into smaller pieces to use for training.

    This dog chew:

    Improves gum and dental health by gently scraping plaque
    Is made from USDA-inspected turkey raised without antibiotics or hormones
    Offers a high-protein alternative to rawhide

    At the heart of every Tomlinson's Feed store, you'll find every pet's favorite place: the Pet Deli and its extensive selection of treats, chews and rawhides. Whether you want to improve dental health, keep your pup occupied, or simply spoil him, the Pet Deli has a savory solution.

  • Turkey Links are Crunchy! This is a quick and easy chew that is good for all life stages.

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