Dog Treats

Fromm Crunchy Os Blueberry Blast Dog Treats

Description Ingredients GTD Analysis Fromm Crunchy Os Blueberry Blast Dog Treats are grain-free, bite-sized treats baked for maximum crunchines...

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Tomlinson's Blueberry Bulk Biscuits

Description Ingredients GTD Analysis Tomlinson's Bulk Dog Biscuits are a great option to keep your cookie jar full! Sold by the pound and avail...

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More About Dog Treats

We know you googled β€œdog treats near me,” and now, your search has ended. Here at Tomlinson’s, you will find a variety of unique products for your pets. From healthy chews to sticks, we sell only high-quality dog treat products in Austin, Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Dog Treats?

Dogs love rewards. A treat is the best way to reward a dog. Most of the time, a treat is food-based. Thus, the best treat for your pups is their favorite treat.

First, buy different flavors, and let your dogs try them. Then, figure out what they like. More importantly, choose natural products. Typical pet supplies in the grocery are not made from natural ingredients. They contain high levels of fat, sugar, and gluten.

Which Treats Are Bad for Dogs?

In general, synthetic or processed dog treats are bad for pets. Chews made of any animal hide are bad, as well. These products increase the risk of choking and digestive irritation.

What Are the Best Training Treats?

A reward system is the best way to train your pups. Thus, buy pellet-sized biscuits or treats because they are more comfortable to hold, so keep the treats small and tasty. Your pets will love them.