Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleaning Deposit

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  • Please note: The total cost is $175. This $30 deposit will hold your spot, with the remainder due at your appointment.

    Performed by Scott Blanchard and his team of licensed vets at Canine Dental Services, these drug-free cleanings are:

    Quick, easy, and pain-free
    Completely free of anesthesia
    Performed using hand tools only
    Ideal for maintenance between more extensive procedures

    Scott holds the dog or cat in his lap with a soothing, reassuring manner. His technique is gentle, thorough and completely drug-free. The cleaning itself takes about 10 minutes.

    Eager to learn more about the procedure? Want to see the full schedule for 2020? Find details here. 

  • Upcoming Dental Clinics:

    New Bruanfels Feb. 5th, 9am - 12pm
    12th Street Feb. 5th, 2pm - 8pm
    Lakeway Feb. 6th, 9am - 3pm
    Four Points Feb. 6th, 4pm - 7pm
    Westlake Feb. 9th, 9am - 3pm
    Airport Feb. 8th, 9am - 1pm
    Allandale Feb. 8th, 2pm - 8pm
    South Lamar Feb. 9th, 9am - 6pm
    Leander Feb. 10th, 9am - 11am
    Cedar Park Feb. 10th, 11:30am - 3:30pm
    Round Rock Feb. 10th, 4pm - 8pm
    Anderson Mill Feb. 11th, 9am - 12pm
    Braker & 183 Feb. 11th, 1pm - 4pm
    Far West Feb. 11th, 5pm - 8pm
    Belterra Feb. 12th, 9am - 12pm
    Circle C Feb. 12th, 2pm - 6pm

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