Antler Chewz Elk Antler Dog Chew


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  • Antler Chewz Elk Antler Dog Chew is 100% elk antler that’s long-lasting and perfect for keeping your pup occupied! They are safer than traditional rawhide, odor free, and help keep your furry best friends teeth clean.

    Antler Chewz Highlights:

    A hardy chew that promotes dental health by naturally scraping teeth and gums to remove harmful plaque and reduce buildup
    An all-natural, naturally shed antler
    Does not splinter
    High in protein and provides an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus

    Antler Chewz Inc. grew from the passion of wanting an all-natural, chemical-free option for their furry family members. They take pride in their chews being both from a natural and renewable source, and derived harm-free since deer shed their antlers naturally. Their mission is to share the natural nutritional benefits of giving your dog an antler, and spreading the awareness of clean, enviornmentally-friendly chews. 

  • Antlers are Hard! This is good for experienced chewers, recommended for adult dogs.

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