Bamboo Groom Comb with Rotating Pins


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Introducing the Bamboo Groom Comb with Rotating Pins: your furry companion's new favorite grooming tool! No more tangles or matted fur - this clever comb detangles and lifts the fur for a beautiful, fluffy finish. Plus, it's perfect for distributing flea powder and spray for maximum protection! For the pampered pet, detailed grooming has never been easier.

This product features:

A handle made of 100% natural and biodegradable bamboo, polished with natural oils to a water-resistant finish
Ergonomic handle
Great for grooming sensitive areas like eyes, ears and nose

Bamboo Groom is proud to offer a complete collection of premium grooming tools that feature eco-friendly bamboo material. Each of their grooming combs, brushes, and rakes are carefully handcrafted and designed for a lifetime of comfortable grooming.

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